Enva Grup

With our Yarn production factory which has started in 2009, our investments have continued with our Fabric production factory which was established in 2011. We have reached to our corporate identity in 2013 as Enva Grup. By then we can coordinate Knitted Garment, Weaving Garment, Socks production and Sourcing activities according to international companies’ standards. Our head office is in İstanbul and our production carries on in Turkey and Egypt.

Enva Grup has a structure of never giving up from quality standards, relevant cost and right on time deadline. By the help of our experienced and talented team, international manufacturing experience and relevant cost, our customers demands carried out within the shortest time and intended quality.

Enva Grup gives importance to your trademark and company’s privacy policy and can give service freely from your company’s volume by the help of its flexible structure.

Our Advantages:

-Our International Management Team
-Our Experienced Production Team
-Our Customer Oriented Quality Assurance Team
-Our Innovator Production Development Team
-Our Product Experience
-Our Time Oriented Working System
-Our Open Minded Structure
-Our Extensive Producer Portfolio
-Skilled Labor
-Our Working To Improve Production Performance